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Best SEO Companies for Local Businesses (2023 Picks)

Each year I like to look at what has changed with local SEO and see which companies are supplying their best work. If you choose not to hire me to help with your SEO work I want to make sure you are finding a good fit. Check out the latest list.

March 31, 2023
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Best SEO Companies for Local Businesses (2023 Picks)

When it comes to promoting your website, Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role in the popularity and reach of your website. Consumers most commonly search for what they are looking for, and if you want your marketed audience to reach your website. It must show up on the top of the search results.

There are many ways to rank your website on top of the page, you can use Ad based method introduced by Google, in which you have to pay Google and they will rank your website on top. But the drawback in this method is that Google labels AD which discourages people to click on the link and you have to keep paying Google if you want to show your website on top.

So, the authentic method to rank your website is through SEO as this method is all your hard work in return of which Google has to rank your website on top.

Search engine optimization can be a complex method as if you want your website to show up in the top results, you have to first understand the algorithm of Google like how Google will rank your website above every website in the whole world.

Special, concise, and concrete keywords should be used while executing various strategies that will optimize your search availability. Moreover, with keywords, you need to learn some SEO tools because those tools help you fill your gaps during the SEO process.

If you are confused and cannot learn this complex method but still want your website to be in the top search results to attract a large portion of your targeted audience. Luckily, there are thousands of SEO Companies that can help you in optimizing your company’s website and making it show up in the top search results.

The Best Local SEO Companies in 2023

We have shortlisted the best SEO Companies currently in the market, that have proven to provide their customers with guaranteed results:

SMART SUITES – Think Web. Think Smart

Listed as the number 1 digital marketing agency. Smart sites are well known to attract more organic traffic on the search terms of your website. They have the perfect recommendation rating on various review sites and are said to increase the traffic by around 200%.

  • Key Clients: Harvard University, Porsche

On the Map Inc.

Located in Miami, On the Map Inc. is a one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs. They provide their customers with thousands of packages that fit all budgets. With a 4.9 / 5 recommendation rating. OTM is a reliable source to optimize your website to attract the most organic audience.

  • Key Clients: various law firms, auto dealers, etc.

Straight North

The best SEO company in Chicago has a lot to offer. Straight North has around 20+ years of experience in the digital marketing market. They are one of the best SEO optimization company that offers top-notch optimization for B2B and B2C businesses.

  • Key Clients: Hub Group, Chicago Bears, Follett


With key clients like Walmart and Verizon. WebFX is one of the most professional and experienced SEO companies. They offer various package to suit your style while providing you with guaranteed results.

  • Key Clients: Walmart, Verizon, 1&1, Subway

Ignite Visibility

The company that has become a four-time Inc. 5000 company in (2017,2018,2019 & 2020). Ignite visibility provides its customers with the best-in-class SEO and other digital marketing such as; paid media, email marketing, etc.

  • Key Clients: Sharp Healthcare, Tony Robbins, The General Insurance


Holding the tag of one of America's fastest-growing companies, published by Inc 5000. for 4 years straight. SocialSEO are a one-stop-shop that provides you with all your digital marketing needs.

  • Key Clients: Cadillac, NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association), Jaguar


If budget is an issue and you are looking for the most affordable SEO company. Look no further as the global leader in white label SEO services is the best option for you. Boostability focuses on small business and provide them with the best digital marketing services in the most affordable budget possible.

  • Key Clients: Algeria Shoes, JD Power

Titan Growth

Titan growth is one of the successful SEO companies in the United States. The difference between their earnings from SEO and PPC (Pay Per Click) tells all about their success in this industry. Their average earning from SEO is 95% and from PPC they are earning only 5%.

  • Key Clients: Blackbaud, Coke, National Geographic

SEO Valley Solutions

SEO valley solutions is also a big name in the best local SEO companies in the United States. They are serving small and medium-sized companies not only in the United States but all over the world. 90% of their earning is based on SEO while the other 10% is further divided into several different fields like Digital Strategy, Mobile and Application marketing, and other sources.

  • Key Clients: HCL Technologies, Capella Singapore, Calvada Surveying

Search Engine Land

Now last but not least, search engine land also serves as one the best local SEO companies in the United States. It was labeled as the 26th fastest growing company in California and the good part is there 100% earning depends on SEO.

  • Key Client: Yahoo, SoFi, GoFundMe

Even though there are a thousand more SEO companies that can be listed. These were the best of the best and have secured their place to be in this list after proving their selves in the digital marketing industry over the years.

Ranging from the best to the most affordable, they vary in various aspects but share one major similarity, which is to provide the customer with the best possible service to make their website fully optimized for SEO. They all share different packages to suit your style and guarantee organic results. A portfolio plays a vital role in proving the worth of anything, where it’s a company or a person. So, if you take a look at key clients of the company, there are some big companies like Porsche and Yahoo that give you reason to believe in companies’ quality.

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