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Blogging Tips for Painting Business Owners

In this articles, I will walk you through how to promote your business by starting a blog. Blogging about your business and showing your audience what you makes your business stand out can help increase your visibility and generate untouched web traffic. Let's dive in.

March 1, 2023
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Blogging Tips for Painting Business Owners

Like any other business, painters need to promote their services to gain new clients and increase revenue.

When it comes to finding the most effective marketing for painting contractors, the answer is anything but simple.

There are plenty of websites, platforms, and software available that allow you to market your painting business with key insights and statistics.

Regardless of how you decide to market your painting business, you need a marketing strategy if you plan on getting any viable results.

One of the best ways to increase your sales and visibility online and in the real world is by doing SEO for a painting business.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; it’s a process used to fine-tune websites, so search engines rank them high with organic search terms.

If you own painting business and are trying to figure out how to market a painting business the right way, continue reading.

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How can I promote my painting business?

The best advertising painting business technique is developing your website content. When users in your service area search for painting contractors or service providers near them, having fine-tuned SEO will allow you to rank number 1 with all local residents. This is one of the most cost-effective and efficient marketing techniques for painting contractors.

Another excellent advertising painting business method is by networking. When you deliver quality work and consistently get the job done, your existing customers will likely hire you repeatedly. As their go-to painting contractor, you can capitalize on this by offering business cards and other promotional mediums. Allowing you to reach their inner circle of friends and family.

Before we get into more advanced ways on how to market a painting business, please take a look at our top 5 below.

Top 5 Most Effective Ways To Market A Painting Business

·     Send Birthday Cards- ask your customers what their birthday is when having casual conversation during service. This unique piece of information can be used to develop a personal relationship with your customers they’ll appreciate.

·     Offer Add-On Services- painting can offer a wide array of add-on services to their primary service offers. This can include carpentry, power washing, and more. Doing this will enable you to upsell while saving a ton of money on marketing.

·     Seasonal & Monthly Service Discounts- offering discounted monthly or seasonal service programs help build loyalty with your customers. This will keep them coming back without you having to spend money on marketing materials.

·     Send Thank You Cards- after each successful project, you should send a Thank You card to your customers. Doing so will show them you genuinely appreciate and value their business, breeding a sense of loyalty for your brand.

·     Offer Gift Cards For Customer Referrals- by offering incentives to your existing customers like gift cards when they recommend someone new to your services, you can build a pretty strong affiliate marketing system that will run on autopilot.

How can I do marketing for my business?

The marketing painting business methods above are all relatively cost-efficient and low-hassle. For those painting contractors that want to take things to the next level, you should go with paid forms of advertising. One way on how to market a painting business is by buying a classified newspaper ad.

Classified ads will allow you to reach your local customer base with ease. At the same time, minimizing the amount of effort required on your part. Another great marketing tool for painting contractors are donations, yes donations. Making donations to local non-profit organizations or schools in your area allow you to reach a broad local customer base.

You can ask the organization if you can hang a sign outside or hand out flyers with your contact information on the day of the donation. Offer amazon local or Groupon group coupons to improve your sales and increase your bookings. However, you need to make sure you plan out the offer strategically to avoid experiencing any significant losses.

Once you perfect the group coupon marketing technique, you’ll see a substantial increase in your sales. Last but not least, one of the best advertising painting business strategies is using Facebook Ads or a similar platform like Google Ads.

These platforms host intuitive ad creation, marketing insight, customer outreach, and interactive tools. Enabling you to take your painting business to the next level. These platforms have hundreds of thousands of millions of people using them daily. By running a high-quality ad campaign, you can experience a massive boost in customer conversions.

To get maximum results from your paid marketing strategy, make sure your website is well-designed and professional looking.

This will garner a sense of trust with your customers that will translate into increased conversions and client bookings.

If you want to experience great results from your Facebook Ads, you should hire a professional social media marketing strategist.

Local SEO for Painting Businesses

Local SEO refers to a process by which you optimize your business website with high-ranking keywords in your area.

For example, if you live in Tucson, AZ, use a lot of keywords that relate to painting service providers in Tucson, AZ. When an Arizona resident searches for service providers in their area, you’ll be the first website to show in search results.

This will help garner a massive amount of attention from your local community. Which translates into an enormous success for your business.

You can also set-up a Google Business profile that will boost your local SEO for a painting business. Google Business profiles list all of your contact information and business details so customers can easily reach you.

Marketing is important for any painting business, so by fine-tuning your approach you’re ahead of the rest.

They’ll also be able to see any previous reviews of your business. To help them decide whether or not you’re the right choice.

All of the marketing techniques for painting contractors in this article will have you on the fast-track to increased sales and loyal customers in no time!

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