Chiropractor Marketing Strategies to Get More Patients

Depending on if you are a new or well-established a chiropractor office, having a cohesive chiropractor marketing strategy will be the best way to grow your practice and gain new clients.

June 29, 2021
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Chiropractor Marketing Strategies to Get More Patients

TLDR; Highlights

  • Using the right marketing channels will be a critical part to your marketing strategy
  • “Word-of-Mouth” referrals can help generate more reviews online, but be wary, word-of-mouth is not a SMART goal for your chiropractor office.
  • Local SEO will a crucial portion of the success of any chiropractor marketing strategy
  • Bringing in new patients with your chiropractor marketing strategy will help boost your brand online and increase your bottom line. 
  • Ensure your website is optimized for mobile-first and creates a good experience for a potential new patient.
  • Create a solid social media foundation and understand these different types of demographics.
  • Run Google Ads and make sure it aligns with your SEO strategy.
  • Email marketing and press release are areas of success for your brand, keep it consistent.
  • Include a content marketing plan AND content distribution plan to gain more online traffic.

This will help you get more patients and increase your brand visibility online. 

8 Quick Tips About Marketing For Chiropractors

  1. Begin a social media campaign
  2. Add various pixels to your website so you can see where people are finding you.
  3. Create content for people first
  4. Add client testimonials throughout your website, especially high-performing landing pages.
  5. Optimize your website for SEO
  6. Create a referral program
  7. Automate your email messages
  8. Create compelling copy for your webpages

The strategy topics that we will cover will include developing a word of mouth campaign, creating a local SEO strategy, creating content based around key areas of your business, creating email campaigns, and understanding the fundamentals of a paid advertising campaign.

Developing a Word-of-Mouth Marketing Campaign

Creating a referral network in your chiropractor marketing strategy attracts new patients and is still one of the most popular ways people decide on their healthcare providers. 

Many will be referred by a family friend but almost 77% of people trust online reviews when it comes to hiring a chiropractor.

Generating online reviews ties in with a well-crafted local seo strategy. 

Gaining reviews help build up your brand online and promote a positive brand sentiment throughout the web. 

Managing Your Reputation Online

Reaching out to past clients and asking for a review can be a great marketing tool. 

As mentioned before, managing and optimizing your Google Business Profile and other online plat forms is a key part to a chiropractor marketing strategy. 

At The Webmason, we help chiropractors develop a robust online reputation strategy to make their chiropractor office stand out.

Create the Best Experience for Your Patients

Your atmosphere should stand out for your patients and increase the chances people will want to tell people about their experience. 

Creating a stand-out atmosphere can include: 

  • Find the best intake process software helps mitigate frustration and streamlines your intake process
  • Hiring friendly and compassionate staff
  • Offering different amenities in the waiting room like coffee or tea
  • If you validate for parking

Don’t forget to offer discounts or set up a referral program when you can. These can include a military discount, family discount, referral discount, etc. 

Use a Automated Review Tool to Help Manage Your Reviews

Google, Yelp, Facebook, there are almost too many to manage. 

One tool that we use to help chiropractors manage, respond and survey their patients is called Gatherup. Gatherup uses an API to tie in all your profiles into one location and helps you respond to good and bad reviews and comes with a Net Promoter Score (NPS) tool.

The NPS tool allows you understand how your chiropractor office is doing and if there are any improvements you can take to help improve your intake process. 

Implement Local SEO Strategies

Your chiropractor marketing strategy must include a local SEO strategy and will play a big role through all areas of your marketing strategy. For example, including your online management reputation strategy will tie with your local SEO work and optimizing your Google Business Profile. 

Optimizing Your Google Business Profile (GBP)

You want to make sure your Google Business Profile is verified and in good-standing. Ensure that all your office information is the most up-to-date information. 

If you are using a call tracking software you can put the tracking number as the primary number and your office number as a secondary number. 

Other tips to build out the best Google Business Profile: 

  • Add photos of the chiropractor office (waiting room, reception, etc)
  • Take photos of the outside of the office to get your patients an ideas of what the office building looks like. 
  • Take photos of your signage
  • Create a UTM tracking URL for your profile website link and appointment link to know how much traffic is coming from your business profile listing. Create a free UTM tracking code here.
  • Complete the services section
  • Add products with photos
  • Create and schedule Google Posts
  • Complete the Questions and Answer sections
  • Get reviews

Optimizing Your Apple Business Connect (ABC) Profile

Apple Business Connect (ABC) is the latest tool from Apple and has user-friendly interface. Getting your business verified is free and takes only a few minutes. 

Adding and completing all the business information on your ABC profile is the first step to optimizing your ABC profile

Create a Keyword Strategy Targeting Keywords with Local Intent

You should be sure that you have a landing page for every type of service that your chiropractor office offers. Making this content unique and robust will help build up your authority as a chiropractor office within your market. 

Your content ought to contain search phrases such as “chiropractor near me” or “chiropractor in [your market]” and keywords like “chiropractor” and “chiropractic services.”

Use Mobile Chiropractic Marketing Strategies

In 2021, 21% of consumers using their mobile device to find a local business. Additionally, mobile users use search to find and locate the best businesses with their area. 

Ensure that your website is optimized for mobile device. Focus on the most important elements of your website and all the formatting will be look good to a person. 

We have experience helping chiropractors ensure that their websites are responsive. 

Create an Organic Social Media Presence

To attract new patients to your chiropractic practice grow your brand and content through organic social media channels.

Target the Correct Content on the Right Social Platforms

Understand your demographics before you go pushing the same content on different social platforms. 

If you are going to post a video on TikTok, make sure the video content is engaging and speaks to a younger audience. 

Creating Engaging Content

Coming up with content ideas can be cumbersome, since you do live a busy profession. But hiring an agency or someone in-house to have this responsibility can help with posting content consistently. 

Create a content calendar to keep that consistency. 

Don’t forget to include certain promotions that your chiropractor practice is offering and allow your audience to engage with this content. Creating engaging content can increase your brand awareness and help generate new patients for your practice.

Advertise Online with Google Ads

If you are spending a lot of time on your Google Business Profile you should also consider running an ad campaign to generate additional revenue and gain more patients. 

These advertisements are found at the top of the search results and will help generate more clicks through to your website. Once you a person lands on your website through your ad, it’s a good indication that they are in the “buying” mood and will more likely convert. Conversions can include an appointment sign-up, a phone call, or a form inquiry. 

Google Ads allows you to local advertising as well. The benefit to doing a local ad campaign will be that you are covering more search real estate and creating a better probability of generating some new patients.

Develop Your Content Strategy

At The Webmason, we create robust keyword strategies that target different types of intent. An effective content strategy will target your audience at different levels of a keyword funnel. 

You can start a blog that focuses on the top-of-the-funnel keywords that have a chance of generating conversions through organic search.

Creating keyword clusters based on where on what stage of the funnel the person is at will help us understand what actions can be taken with the content to help attract, engage and delight your audience. Keyword clusters help mitigate duplicate content issues over time and provide a neat and authoritative structure which will be helpful through the buyer’s journey (or the potential new patient journey). 

Implement an Email Campaign

A quick and inexpensive way to promote your chiropractor office to new patients will be to generate an email marketing campaign. These campaigns can be quick and scheduled out to help keep your brand top of mind with new patients and current audience members. 

Keep Your Email Templates Consistent

Adding consistency to business creates a certain tone with chiropractor offices. If the tone is consistent it will appear more professional for your readers and give them confidence about your chiropractor office.

Having confidence can prevent buyer’s remorse and give the impression that the intake process will be organized and create a delightful journey for your new patients. 

You can create different templates and run A/B testing to see which template will perform the best, but make sure the journey of the email has a purpose.

Include Newly Published Content

Have a new blog post that featured a frequently asked question for a new patient?  Add it to your email campaign arsenal to maximize the output of your content. 

This should be included in your content distribution plan and be given a certain URL tracker to understand the efficacy of promoting through this channel.

Include New Staff Member Accolades

If you are hiring new members of staff, let your audience know about them and who they will be talking to when they contact your office.

Showing off your employees can lead to positive events with your new patients. 

Don’t Forget About Press Releases

Did your chiropractor office recently receive an award? Did you do volunteer or do something altruistic for the community? Promoting these events through press release campaigns will make your brand stand out and create a better reputation online. 

Keep a schedule of these events and get your staff involved, adding these items to other marketing channels helps show new patients that you are active in the community and choose to give back.

Contact The Webmason - We Can Help Grow Your Chiropractor Office

Chiropractor marketing strategies are robust and carry a ton of equity for chiropractor brands. If you liked what you read and may not have time to focus on your marketing efforts, contact us. 

We will sit down with you one-on-one to ask about your chiropractor office and see how we would be able to create the perfect marketing strategy for you. 

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