75+ Tips for Marketing Your Chiropractor Office Online

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June 19, 2021
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75+ Tips for Marketing Your Chiropractor Office Online

Streamline your intake process

Create an everlasting first impression through a well-planned intake process that is complimented by customer service and a seamless journey for your new patient. You can ask past clients for feedback on your intake process to help manufacture this process over time, but spend a lot of time at this stage in your operations, it is bound to pay off in the long run.

Incentivize employees to go after reviews to maintain a steady influx of reviews

In the 2023 local ranking factors, many experts believe garnering a cohesive process for consistently gathering reviews will send the right signals to Google. Creating a program for employees to go after these reviews will create more diversity in your reputation online. In the past, I have had clients create raffles for employees that have given away iPads and 70" flat-screen TVs, big prizes!

Create a content distribution plan

Create a unique plan and schedule for where and when your content will be sent out. You've done all the hard work of creating great content for your new patients, now go out there and tell them how awesome your chiropractor office will be for their next visit.

Identify the tone of voice you want to utilize in your content

Creating unique content helps build trust with your readers. Create a consistent tone of voice within your content, this can include speaking professionally in your content to be taken as a leader in your medical field or showing compassion within your content. Don't be afraid to interview your past clients to get feedback about your content and ID areas that you can improve.

Make sure your website is responsive

Work with your web designer and developer to ensure that your website looks gorgeous on all types of mobile devices.

Keep your business information up-to-date

Keep your business hours, appointment links, holiday hours, etc., up-to-date. Make sure there would be no confusion about your business to potential new patients

Respond to Reviews (the good and bad)

Every review deserves a response, if positive pay them a nice thank you. If it is a legit bad review be sure to respond to the review in a professional manner and give them an opportunity to resolve the issue through a dedicated customer service line. It could lead to the person turning the poor star rating into a five-star rating.

Create images with a customized CTA

Avoid stock images, they went out with AOL. Work with your designer to create unique images with awesome call-to-actions to attract more patients

Keep your SEO busy by requesting new keyword ideas

Always be sure you are asking for new keyword ideas, these ideas can inspire other ideas in your marketing strategy.

Check your web analytics frequently to identify any downward trends

Web analytics can tell a story about the health of your website and show you opportunities to improve. Look at under-performing content and find ways to create a great outcome for a person.

Make sure you have a landing page for every type of service you provide

People won't know you offer a level of service if there is no story to tell. Make sure you are covered and let your content team know about every department in your business operations, you may just find an untapped market.

Frequently ask for testimonials

Like asking for reviews, create more unique content through testimonials on your website. Client testimonials tell the MasterCard story of the ever-lasting experience for a new patient.

Create success stories with clients and conduct interviews

This idea requires some work and typically best to hire someone to help with your marketing. But, if you take all the steps and create some unique content on this front you could create a ton of trust with potential new patients. Sit down with clients and conduct a video interview and have them walk through their experience with your practice and how/why they decided to hire you. Creating that journey for new patients demonstrates a strong first hand shake and will help with the hiring decision. Ask yourself, what makes my practice unique?

Identify and create the ideal mission statement

Write out your mission statement and then have it reviewed. Don't be afraid to hire a business strategist that can help you with this.

Create value propositions that makes you stand out in the market

Find out what makes your practice different. Ask past clients, ask your chiropractor network, ask your friends. Then collect the data and find the commonalities with your practice.

Write compelling titles and descriptions for your services and blog pages

Titles carry a lot of weight with a person deciding to click AND digest the content on your website. Make them unique, find a party with copy writing experience.

Start an email marketing campaign to gain more followers on social

Start gathering emails to promote your content and business, keep your brand top-of-mind when it comes to showing off your practice.

Scour your email inbox to find frequently asked questions (FAQ) opportunities

I don't usually provide this to the public, usually, I will keep this to a strategy call. But this is a good opportunity to find unique questions and publish them on your website. If it happens more than once, then you have a good chance of generating meaningful traffic that serves to specific intent with a person.

Starting a new practice? Don't start with "just" SEO, start with a business strategy.

Find low-competition keywords that align with SMART goals

If you are just starting out targeting keywords that are easier to rank will be the low-hanging fruit you will need to start generating traffic.

Define SMART goals

These are essential goals that will hit every part of a marketing strategy and get you to understand the ROI for each marketing channel. The acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound. I wrote an entire article about it here.

Focus on outcomes, not the output of work.

Remind yourself of your SMART goals and focus on where you want your business to be. "Let's rank for 1k keywords is a poor goal and will get you nowhere" v. "I want to generate 100 new leads through the next quarter" will set a better expectation and outcome for your business.

Find PR opportunities by finding "unlinked brand mentions"

Find some old articles where you are mentioned and reach out to the webmaster and ask if they will update the post with a link.

Find video content ideas through your blog content

Creating engaging video

Dominate your market, before you start to branch out

Put a solid footprint in your current market before starting out somewhere else. This will help with building your brand equity and capturing more market share.

Search for your main keywords and make sure you are listed on directory site, pay for them if neccessary.

Use key terms like "chiropractor near me" or "best chiropractor in denver" to find new directory listings that will let you create profile and add all your business information.

Find nonprofits to donate to and upgrade your local link building

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