7 Best Citation Websites For Dental Professionals

Finding the best citation websites to list your dentistry business can be tough due to the size of the internet.

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Finding the best citation websites to list your dentistry business can be tough due to the size of the internet.

The internet is big. Really big.

In the pre-internet days you would find dentist offices listing their business contact information in phonebooks.

Now you turn to online directories to find local service area professionals.

Some of the best citation websites for dentists will provide a ton of information and be able to describe the business and some positive or negative feedback about that business.

These are known as citations or a directory listing.

I have outlined below some of the best online directories your business should be listed on.

While there are a plentiful amount of directories to list your contracting business information on I have outlined below some the best dentist citation listings to have your business name, address and phone number to post on.

While most are free there are some that have a “premium” or “paid” type of listing that you can opt-in for and most of the time I would recommend going after these as you might not see the highest ROI on these “premium” listings.

Instead, if you are interested in running some online advertisements then you should consider running a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for your dental professional related keywords.

Best Citation Websites to List Your Dental Office Information

Being a dentist or dental professional is a busy job that requires a lot of attention to detail and tight deadlines.

I understand how time consuming internet marketing can be that is why I have taken the time to give you a head start on the best websites to publish your dentistry business information.

Google My Business

This is essential for your business and SEO.

Setting up a Google My Business (GMB) listing is quick, free and easy.

Simply, head to google.com/business to get started and fill out all the required fields.

Then, you will need to snail-mail a postcard to your business address to verify the business storefront does in fact exist.

An optimized GMB listing can be the differential between you ranking on the first page of a local search compared to ranking on the second page.

Don’t forget about those reviews!


Yelp helps local business get found and you can also work on getting reviews here.

Although, Yelp has a very strict filter for placing reviews for businesses it is still worth trying and covering all your channels.

Reviews are a major deciding factor when it comes to hiring a dental professional for work.

If you are looking to up your SEO contracting game, Yelp is important to be listed on so you can get other domains linking to your listing.

This often referred to as “barnacle SEO” – which very few dentist practice with their SEO efforts.

The Webmasons can help with that.


If you don’t already have a business page set up with all the contact information website you should do that as soon as possible.

Not only are search engine signals strong with having a business page on Facebook but you can also create a popular social following.

Additionally, Facebook has an Ad Manager platform that is fairly straightforward to use and is great for a branding campaign or spending ads on a tight budget.

Angie’s List

Perhaps one of the more important citations to consider in the dental professional industry would be angieslist.com.

With over 6 million organic visitors a month you will want to add your business to obtain the citation.

Additionally, Angie’s List is relevant to that of your business and will help put you in front of your competitors.

Lastly, you have a chance to gain some reviews via Angie’s List and rounding out the review profile for your business.

In some cases, Google has been known to find other reviews from citation sources to show visitors.


Similar to Angie’s List, Houzz.com houses (no pun intended) a similar directory listing to post your business information.

Specific to your contracting services you provide and over 5 million users visit this site organically a month!

Within this directory you can create a professional looking profile that showcases the work you have done. That means you have the ability to add a portfolio to show off to your audience.


HomeAdvisor is a must. In fact, many in the general contracting industry claim that they have seen a good amount of volume for their business when it comes to lead generation.

Additionally, Google My Business has been know to help promote some of the reviews you can obtain through this directory listing.

So let The Webmasons help with building out your professional citation profiles.


LinkedIn has continued to grow over the years. Although, similar to Facebook business page, LinkedIn allows you to create a company page and share content and attract followers to your beautifully written content.

LinkedIn is also a great resource for trying to attract other businesses that are looking for a general contracting business to hire. Simply, add your name, address, phone number and run a strategic email marketing campaign to generate some followers and then you can increase your social following.

Ready to Start Creating Your Citations?

At The Webmasons, we have the knowledge, know-how and experience to start generating optimized citation listings for your general contracting business. Let’s get started today.


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