Local SEO for General Contractors


Why Should a General Contractor Invest in Local SEO?

General contractors need to understand the results local SEO can be for new business. A big challenge to local SEO for general contractors arises from the amount of competition in the area. Often times, SEO can take a while to gear up based on how long you have been around.

Local SEO can be a major online storefront for your service area businesses. There are three main reasons local SEO can increase your general contractor business:

Build Citations to Keep NAP Consistency

NAP or Name, Address, and Phone – not only is important in keeping these details about your business accurate it can also help you rank better between the local map pack and the organic results.

What is NAP?

NAP refers to the name, address and phone number to any business entity. Personally, I consider NAP to be beneficial because they occur naturally as your marketing progresses. Not only is it important as a ranking factor but it is also important for your brand when a person is looking for the best general contracting service.

Additionally, signaling to you Googlebots the oversight of “Suite A” vs. “Bldg. A” will confuse the bot and create an impression that different home builder businesses exist. Secondly, by keeping consistent you will avoid any type of negative perception for those looking to give you their business.

According to a 2018 survey conducted by Moz citation signals rank in the top 5 of the more important ranking factors to consider.

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Create and Verify Your Google My Business

Creating a Google My Business listing is free and easy to do. You can create a listing and then Google will send a postcard to the physical address within 5 business days and then boom. You now have created a local storefront for your potential customers.

Optimizing a Google My Business listing can be somewhat challenging and it’s important to keep all the information current and up to date.

Create Evergreen Content

Before creating and publishing content on your website you should consider the following:

  • What areas of my general contracting business do I get the most business from?
  • What areas of my general contracting services need improvement?
  • Where are some areas that I would like to increase and drive business to?

Content helps get you web traffic and increases the chance of a potential customer choosing your for that bathroom remodel.

Steps for Selecting Your General Contractor Keywords

Step 1: Choose Relevant General Contractor Keywords

Deciding what keywords to use and doing the keyword research can give you an idea of what type of content should be on your website. For example, general keywords such as “kitchen remodel services” or “best basement renovations” will produce search results that are optimized for that type of content.

Let us perform the keyword research for you – request a quote.

When it comes to keyword research your keywords will serve two different types of purposes:

  • Transactional intent: this type of search will be potential customers that are looking to hire a general contractor, plumber, HVAC services, etc. Why is this important? Intent serves the purpose of knowing how to curate your content to optimize for the search results.
  • Informational intent: this type of search usually entails a question being asked to a search engine. Where the intent is mostly about gathering information and more of a research process. However, there is data to support that this type of content will actually convert at a higher rate based on the quality of the content.

Step 2: Optimize the Content

Once you have a decent amount of primary keywords and secondary keywords that you want to begin ranking for, create some content on your website and add them where you can to your citation listings.

Google My Business

Some areas that can help bump up the local ranking for your general contractor services will include:

  • Adding categories
  • Adding products/services section
  • Publishing Google My Business posts frequently
  • Adding keywords to business description
  • Having clients use keywords in their reviews

How to Optimize Your General Contractor Website Content

Be sure to find areas where you can add keywords to pages on your website. This is always a must for older and newer posts that you optimize.

Step 3: Create Citations and Links

As stated above, create citations and NAP consistency is a big signal when it comes to a ranking factor. Citations give a great perception to your audience that you are there to help.

Step 4: Generate Reviews

Adding reviews to your Google My Business listing and other citation listings sends a positive image for your potential customers. Showing them and allowing them that first-impression helps building trust with your audience.

Step 5: Set-up Local Reporting

Reporting tools like BrightLocal offer a number of different benefits when it comes to checking keyword rankings.

The dashboard is a pretty-easy set up and offers other tools like reputation management, citation tracking, analytic reports, etc.

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